Muskoka Waterbikes

An eco-conscious business based in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada 


For those who mindfully choose their vacation activities.

Leaving the planet in a better shape than we found it for the next generation, should be a goal for each and everyone of us.

About the brand

When you visit our small but beautiful city of Bracebridge, Ontario, you will feel like you are a million mile away from the hustle ,bustle and the daily grind. You will be able to breathe. 

 Here, we are blessed to live amongst some of the best nature has to offer; rivers, lakes – both large and small, forests, trails, beautiful granite rock outcroppings, an awesome community – and we would like to share all of this with you and your family. It’s not just us, but you will feel the warmth from all the business owners and in Bracebridge. 

During your stay, we would like to offer you premium water based activities, that are fun and safe.  And if you choose to spend a part of your holiday enjoying our eco-conscious offerings, then we humbly thank you, and we are quite sure that our planet, and future generation also extend their thanks. 

Welcome to our home. Have a pleasant stay.

Single Waterbike
$25/hr per person

What can we say about our waterbikes? The sheer amount of joy they have brought to our customer is simply astounding!

Pictures speak volumes...head over to our facebook page before you book to checkout our many happy customers.

We have repeat customers every year, and 2021 might just be the year, for you to experience this eco-friendly and safe activity.

As one of our guest described the experience - "it's like walking water"


Double Waterbike
$50/hr for 2 people

Double the fun!

These are 2 waterbikes connected together. You will be surprised how easy it is to cycle together.

Explore our calm lake's nooks and crannies, while getting a gentle workout.

Oh yeah! It can get romantic on the water


Group Megalodon
$35/hr per group

15 Foot long!
1,000Lb Capacity!
6 people

Now, you can have fun as a group! And get a workout in the process.

And if your group can do the pose as in the picture, we will give you 10% off the rental cost!

We dare you! It will fun watching you guys try though!


From $25/hr

A Muskoka Staple!

Our canoes are 3 seaters and in excellent shape. Al lot of our inventory is brand new.

We provide the canoe, life jackets and safety kit.

Please bring your own car-top carry kit as we do not provide one.

You can rent by the hour, day, week or longer at very reasonable prices.

Click below to see our daily and weekly prices

from $25/hr per person

Another Muskoka Staple!
We provide the canoe, life jackets and safety kit.

Please bring your own car-top carry kit as we do not provide one.

You can rent by the hour, day, week or longer at very reasonable prices.


36" WIDE SUP Boards
from $25/hr per person

Make 2021 a year to get on a SUP and master it.!

It's possible because this board is part of our yoga series, and is very stable.

At 11' long and 36" wide, this board will inspire confidence, as soon as you get on it.

You can paddle to a very shallow beach on our lake, and practice without any fear. Get on, fall off and get back on with ease till you "got it"

This year live on your terms!

Peloton Bike

It's here! It's here!

Peloton has taken us by a storm

Hobie Mirage Eclipse
$25/hr per person


If you are familiar the hobie brand, then you know their products are top-notch, in high demand and sought after. 

The innovation coming out this company is incredible, and this product speaks to the quality, uniqueness, fun factor  and is truly a conversation starter on the lake! People are simply  drawn to it!

We got them and we want you to experience them.  We have had kids as young as 10 years of age, get on these and have a ball – of course with their mum right behind them! 

They are fast, turn on a dime and will give you a good workout. 

This is a “must try”. You will have a blast.

Attention: : Yoga Instructors


Please call us to book your event @ 1-888-973-6892. 

Our event package called “Dusk To Dawn” includes;

1 night – arrive 6pm – 11am next morning

Yoga dock,  8 boards + accomodations for 8 people 

An event like no other, where we take you out on the middle of the lake during sunset and sunrise where you can peacefully focus.

Call us for more details and we will share with you our 2021 plan and work with you to create that perfect experience.

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